Crime By The Numbers

With all the discussion and debate regarding violence, guns and race, especially in recent years I thought it might be helpful to compile some meaningful numbers to help sort it all out. As is per usual I have no ax to grind (grinding axes is hard work after all), I just wanted to sift through the bullshit and see what’s true and what’s…well, bullshit. Depending upon your own opinions you may find some of this information surprising. Sources are included.
– – Alan

We’ll start by giving things a global perspective and then move on to local data from the US. The first table is a list of murder rates from over 200 countries around the world. Each entry uses the most recent U.N. data available, so not all the reporting years are the same. I get a little tired of hearing about how violent we are here in the USA. Our murder rate as of the release of this information is 4.7 (per 100,000 people). That’s higher than some, but a heck of a lot lower than many others. Check out Honduras for example.NOTES:

  • This table is sortable via the column headers. Click a header once to sort it in ascending (A-Z) order. Click it again to sort it in descending (Z-A) order.
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  • x (in the count column, mainly in the Oceania section) – From UNODC source: “due to small population size the estimated count is less than 2“.
CountryRateCountRegionSubregionYear listed
Burundi8.0790AfricaEastern Africa2012
Comoros10.072AfricaEastern Africa2012
Djibouti10.187AfricaEastern Africa2012
Eritrea7.1437AfricaEastern Africa2012
Ethiopia12.011,048AfricaEastern Africa2012
Kenya6.42,761AfricaEastern Africa2012
Madagascar11.12,465AfricaEastern Africa2012
Malawi1.8279AfricaEastern Africa2012
Mauritius2.834AfricaEastern Africa2011
France6.012AfricaEastern Africa2009
Mozambique12.43,133AfricaEastern Africa2012
Reunion (France)1.815AfricaEastern Africa2009
Rwanda23.12,648AfricaEastern Africa2012
Seychelles9.59AfricaEastern Africa2012
Somalia8.0819AfricaEastern Africa2012
South Sudan13.91,504AfricaEastern Africa2012
Uganda10.73,753AfricaEastern Africa2011
Tanzania12.76,071AfricaEastern Africa2012
Zambia10.71,501AfricaEastern Africa2012
Zimbabwe10.61,450AfricaEastern Africa2012
Angola10.02,079AfricaMiddle Africa2012
Cameroon7.61,654AfricaMiddle Africa2012
Central African Republic11.8532AfricaMiddle Africa2012
Chad7.3907AfricaMiddle Africa2012
Congo12.5541AfricaMiddle Africa2012
Democratic Republic of the Congo28.318,586AfricaMiddle Africa2012
Equatorial Guinea19.3142AfricaMiddle Africa2012
Gabon9.1148AfricaMiddle Africa2012
Sao Tome and Principe3.36AfricaMiddle Africa2011
Algeria0.7280AfricaNorthern Africa2011
Egypt3.42,703AfricaNorthern Africa2011
Libya1.7103AfricaNorthern Africa2012
Morocco2.2704AfricaNorthern Africa2012
Sudan11.24,159AfricaNorthern Africa2012
Tunisia2.2235AfricaNorthern Africa2012
Botswana18.4368AfricaSouthern Africa2012
Lesotho38.0764AfricaSouthern Africa2010
Namibia17.2388AfricaSouthern Africa2012
South Africa31.016,259AfricaSouthern Africa2012
Swaziland33.8416AfricaSouthern Africa2012
Benin8.4848AfricaWestern Africa2012
Burkina Faso8.01,311AfricaWestern Africa2012
Cape Verde10.351AfricaWestern Africa2012
Ivory Coast13.62,691AfricaWestern Africa2012
Gambia10.2182AfricaWestern Africa2012
Ghana6.11,537AfricaWestern Africa2012
Guinea8.91,018AfricaWestern Africa2012
Guinea-Bissau8.4140AfricaWestern Africa2012
Liberia3.2135AfricaWestern Africa2012
Mali7.51,119AfricaWestern Africa2012
Mauritania5.0191AfricaWestern Africa2012
Niger4.7803AfricaWestern Africa2012
Nigeria20.033,817AfricaWestern Africa2012
Senegal2.8379AfricaWestern Africa2012
Sierra Leone1.9113AfricaWestern Africa2012
Togo10.3684AfricaWestern Africa2012
Antigua and Barbuda11.210AmericasCaribbean2012
Aruba (Netherlands)3.94AmericasCaribbean2010
British Virgin Islands8.42AmericasCaribbean2006
Cayman Islands (UK)14.78AmericasCaribbean2009
Dominican Republic22.12,268AmericasCaribbean2012
Montserrat (UK)20.41AmericasCaribbean2008
Puerto Rico (US)26.5978AmericasCaribbean2012
Saint Kitts and Nevis33.618AmericasCaribbean2012
Saint Lucia21.639AmericasCaribbean2012
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines25.628AmericasCaribbean2012
Trinidad and Tobago28.3379AmericasCaribbean2012
Turks and Caicos Islands (UK)6.62AmericasCaribbean2009
United States Virgin Islands (US)52.656AmericasCaribbean2010
Belize44.7145AmericasCentral America2012
Costa Rica8.5407AmericasCentral America2012
El Salvador41.22,594AmericasCentral America2012
Guatemala39.96,025AmericasCentral America2012
Honduras90.47,172AmericasCentral America2012
Mexico21.526,037AmericasCentral America2012
Nicaragua11.3675AmericasCentral America2012
Panama17.2654AmericasCentral America2012
Bermuda (UK)7.75AmericasNorthern America2012
Canada1.6543AmericasNorthern America2012
Saint Pierre and Miquelon (France)16.51AmericasNorthern America2009
United States4.714,827AmericasNorthern America2012
Argentina5.52,237AmericasSouth America2010
Bolivia12.11,270AmericasSouth America2012
Brazil25.250,108AmericasSouth America2012
Chile3.1550AmericasSouth America2012
Colombia30.814,670AmericasSouth America2012
Ecuador12.41,924AmericasSouth America2012
French Guiana (France)13.330AmericasSouth America2009
Guyana17.0135AmericasSouth America2012
Paraguay9.7649AmericasSouth America2012
Peru9.62,865AmericasSouth America2012
Suriname6.133AmericasSouth America2012
Uruguay7.9267AmericasSouth America2012
Venezuela53.716,072AmericasSouth America2012
Kazakhstan7.81,263AsiaCentral Asia2012
Kyrgyzstan9.1494AsiaCentral Asia2011
Tajikistan1.6126AsiaCentral Asia2011
Turkmenistan12.8660AsiaCentral Asia2012
Uzbekistan3.71,060AsiaCentral Asia2012
China1.013,410AsiaEastern Asia2010
Hong Kong0.427AsiaEastern Asia2012
Macao0.74AsiaEastern Asia2010
North Korea5.21,293AsiaEastern Asia2012
Japan0.3442AsiaEastern Asia2011
Mongolia9.7266AsiaEastern Asia2011
South Korea0.9427AsiaEastern Asia2011
Taiwan3.0686AsiaEastern Asia2011
Brunei2.08AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia2012
Cambodia6.5964AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia2012
Indonesia0.61,456AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia2012
Laos5.9392AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia2012
Malaysia2.3652AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia2012
Myanmar15.28,044AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia2012
Philippines8.88,484AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia2012
Singapore0.211AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia2012
Thailand5.03,307AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia2011
Timor-Leste3.639AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia2010
Vietnam3.33,037AsiaSouth-Eastern Asia2012
Afghanistan6.51,948AsiaSouthern Asia2012
Bangladesh2.74,169AsiaSouthern Asia2012
Bhutan1.712AsiaSouthern Asia2012
India3.543,355AsiaSouthern Asia2012
Iran3.93,126AsiaSouthern Asia2012
Maldives3.913AsiaSouthern Asia2012
Nepal2.9786AsiaSouthern Asia2011
Pakistan7.713,846AsiaSouthern Asia2012
Sri Lanka3.4707AsiaSouthern Asia2011
Armenia1.854AsiaWestern Asia2012
Azerbaijan2.1194AsiaWestern Asia2010
Bahrain0.57AsiaWestern Asia2011
Cyprus2.023AsiaWestern Asia2012
Georgia4.3187AsiaWestern Asia2010
Iraq8.02,628AsiaWestern Asia2012
Israel1.8134AsiaWestern Asia2012
Jordan2.0133AsiaWestern Asia2011
Kuwait0.412AsiaWestern Asia2012
Lebanon2.295AsiaWestern Asia2010
Palestine7.4312AsiaWestern Asia2012
Oman1.134AsiaWestern Asia2011
Qatar1.123AsiaWestern Asia2012
Saudi Arabia0.8234AsiaWestern Asia2012
Syria2.2463AsiaWestern Asia2010
Turkey2.61,866AsiaWestern Asia2011
United Arab Emirates2.6235AsiaWestern Asia2012
Yemen4.81,099AsiaWestern Asia2010
Belarus5.1486EuropeEastern Europe2010
Bulgaria1.9141EuropeEastern Europe2012
Czech Republic1.0105EuropeEastern Europe2012
Hungary1.3132EuropeEastern Europe2012
Poland1.2449EuropeEastern Europe2011
Moldova6.5229EuropeEastern Europe2012
Romania1.7378EuropeEastern Europe2012
Russia9.213,120EuropeEastern Europe2012
Slovakia1.475EuropeEastern Europe2012
Ukraine4.31,988EuropeEastern Europe2010
Denmark0.847EuropeNorthern Europe2012
Estonia5.065EuropeNorthern Europe2011
Finland1.689EuropeNorthern Europe2012
Greenland (Denmark)19.411EuropeNorthern Europe2009
Iceland0.326EuropeNorthern Europe2012
Ireland1.254EuropeNorthern Europe2012
Latvia4.797EuropeNorthern Europe2012
Lithuania6.7202EuropeNorthern Europe2012
Norway2.2111EuropeNorthern Europe2011
Sweden0.768EuropeNorthern Europe2012
United Kingdom1.0653EuropeNorthern Europe2011
Albania5.0157EuropeSouthern Europe2012
Andorra1.31EuropeSouthern Europe2010
Bosnia and Herzegovina1.351EuropeSouthern Europe2011
Croatia1.251EuropeSouthern Europe2012
Greece1.7184EuropeSouthern Europe2011
Italy0.9530EuropeSouthern Europe2012
Kosovo3.664EuropeSouthern Europe2010
Malta2.812EuropeSouthern Europe2012
Montenegro2.717EuropeSouthern Europe2012
Portugal1.2122EuropeSouthern Europe2012
San Marino0.7xEuropeSouthern Europe2012
Serbia1.2111EuropeSouthern Europe2012
Slovenia0.714EuropeSouthern Europe2012
Spain0.8364EuropeSouthern Europe2012
Macedonia1.430EuropeSouthern Europe2011
Austria0.977EuropeWestern Europe2012
Belgium1.6182EuropeWestern Europe2012
France1.0665EuropeWestern Europe2012
Germany0.8662EuropeWestern Europe2011
Liechtenstein0.00EuropeWestern Europe2012
Luxembourg0.84EuropeWestern Europe2011
Monaco0.00EuropeWestern Europe2008
Netherlands0.9145EuropeWestern Europe2012
Switzerland0.646EuropeWestern Europe2011
New Zealand0.941OceaniaAustralasia2012
New Caledonia (France)3.38OceaniaMelanesia2009
Papua New Guinea10.4713OceaniaMelanesia2010
Solomon Islands4.324OceaniaMelanesia2012
Guam (US)2.54OceaniaMicronesia2011
Cook Islands3.1xOceaniaPolynesia2012
French Polynesia (France)0.41OceaniaPolynesia2009

Credit: Wikipedia table sourced from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

For what it’s worth, of the 218 nations listed above, the USA’s murder rate ranks 109th. Squarely in the middle.

Closer to home, events in Ferguson, MO and elsewhere have elevated tensions between blacks and whites to dangerous levels. Incompetent police officers, black leaders race hustlers like Al Sharpton, and racists of both colors are only making it worse. But who’s killing who, really? Let’s start by looking at some general numbers, then we’ll get into specifics. Check out this small table (2013 FBI UCR data):

Race of VictimTotalWhite
Black or African American2,4911892,2452037
Other Race1593227964
Unknown Race682517323

Data pulled from FBI Uniform Crime Report website.

So, according to the 2013 (most recent available at this writing) FBI Uniform Crime Report data, 3,005 whites were killed in 2013, and 2509 of the killers were also white, while 409 of the killers were black.

And, of 2,491 murdered blacks, 189 of their killers were white while 2,245 of the killers were black.

The rest of the killers were of “Other” or “Unknown” race. But according to the various race baiters on both sides of the fence, blacks and whites are supposedly killing each other at heroic rates. Perhaps both races need to quit listening to the racial / political propaganda and clean up our own back yards before we engage in any more finger-pointing?

There is an alarming fact buried in the data if you also toss in Census data along with it. There are nearly 6 times as many whites as blacks in the USA. But only 514 fewer blacks were murdered than whites. And the ratio of black murderers to black murder victims is nearly 1:1.

And so my question to the black community would be: “WTF is wrong with you people?! You’re destroying yourselves!”

Total population308,745,538100.0%
One Race299,736,46597.1%
Black or African American38,929,31912.6%

US Census 2010 (most recent available for this data)

Curiously, the FBI Uniform Crime Report does not include race information in the data regarding “Justifiable Homicides” by law enforcement or by private citizens. This is odd to me, given the wealth of racial and demographic information the FBI otherwise makes available. While I don’t like doing so, I will engage in a bit of speculation here as to why this is the case:

  • IF racial data were available and it showed a majority of the people killed by cops were black, then the aforementioned race hustlers would have a field day with it. They’d be on all the talk shows hyping it up as a massive conspiracy to eradicate the black population.
  • But IF the data showed that more whites were killed than blacks, then race hustlers from the other side would quickly claim that blacks have nothing to complain about and should just pack up their protest signs and go home.

Either way, the data would be controversial and I’d bet a decision was made behind closed doors to sweep it under the rug. This frankly pisses me off, and I may go the route of a FOIA request to try to get the data. Inquiring minds want to know.

Here is the FBI UCR data regarding “Justifiable Homicide by Law Enforcement” from 2009 to 2013:

type not stated
Knives or cutting

Data from this table in the FBI 2013 Uniform Crime Report

As to how race data and arrests shake out, I was expecting to see (based on all the hype in the media and from folks like Sharpton) many more blacks being arrested than whites. Guess what? That’s not what I found. The data below is a summary of the “Arrests by Race” table in the FBI Uniform Crime Report.

Arrest Summary by Crime and Race

  • In 2013, 68.9 percent of all individuals arrested were white, 28.3 percent were black, and 2.9 percent were of other races.
  • Of all juveniles (persons under the age of 18) arrested in 2013, 63.0 percent were white, 34.4 percent were black, and 2.7 percent were of other races.
  • Of all adults arrested in 2013, 69.6 percent were white, 27.6 percent were black, and 2.9 percent were of other races.
  • White individuals were arrested more often for violent crimes than individuals of any other race and accounted for 58.4 percent of those arrests.
  • Of adults arrested for murder, 52.1 percent were black, and 45.5 percent were white.
  • Black juveniles comprised 53.3 percent of all juveniles arrested for violent crimes.
  • White juveniles accounted for 59.7 percent of all juveniles arrested for property crimes.
  • Of juveniles arrested for drug abuse violations, 73.0 percent were white.
  • White juveniles comprised 54.4 percent of juveniles arrested for aggravated assaults.

Data Source: The summary of this table at the FBI Uniform Crime Report